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sweeney todd songs: a summary

  • the ballad of sweeney todd:

    yes, this show is actually about a murderous barber

  • no place like london:

    tragic backstory time

  • worst pies in london:

    1800s fast food

  • poor thing:

    tragic backstory time pt. 2

  • my friends:

    let's sing to some knives

  • green finch and linnet bird:

    metaphors, metaphors everywhere

  • johanna:

    i just saw you like ten seconds ago, let's get married

  • wait:

    interior decor for vengeful murderers

  • kiss me:

    horny horny horny

  • ladies in their sensibilities:

    ladies can't get horny, what?

  • pretty women:

    get it, close shave, because he's gonna kill him

  • epiphany:

    yep, definitely a demon barber

  • a little priest:

    cannibal puns

  • god that's good:

    lol, they're eating people

  • by the sea:

    murderers deserve to dream too

  • not while i'm around:

    in which tobias is the only person who understands how fucking dangerous sweeney is

  • the judge's return:

    stabby stab

  • final scene:

    death, plot twist, death, plot twist, plot twist, death, dramatic ending

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